Can't Uninstall Spyware King - How to Uninstall Guide

The problems below related with Spyware King may drive you mad:

  • Online attacks, such as Trojan and Backdoor, prefers to take advantage of the system vulnerability and Spyware King integrated bug to silently slip into your system via gaining unauthorized access to get remote control over your PC;
  • It cannot be regularly up-to-date;
  • It is empowered to allow insecure third party websites, undesirable spyware and adware and other insidious program to install on your PC, without your explicit permission;
  • It comes with integrated toolkits that can eat up system resources which will slow down your system performance and seriously affect your network flow;
  • You feel another application is far more comprehensive than Spyware King.

Video Guide: the most recommended method to uninstall Spyware King

Can't uninstall it directly?

If you cannot uninstall Spyware King directly from the desktop, you can firstly try to uninstall it manually with Windows Add/ Remove utility:
  • (For Windows 7 users)Click Start, and then go to Control Panel.
  • For Windows XP users
  • Click Uninstall a program (Windows 7)or Add or Remove Programs(Windows XP).
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  • In the Currently installed programs list, select XXXfielname.
  • Click Uninstall or Change/Remove(Windows XP).
  • Go through the Subscription Period Warning, and then click Next to continue with the uninstall process.
  • Follow uninstall instructions to finish uninstallation, and restart your PC.
  • Uninstall Programs not listed in Add/Remove applet

    Sometimes users may find that Spyware King is not listed in the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel no matter the programs are just installed or installed long time ago. And also sometimes they would find that some programs were previously listed in Add/Remove Programs may no longer be listed. This situation would be quite annoying especially when you have to uninstall those programs but you just cannot find them in the Programs list. Don't worry because you can try the following methods.

    Uninstall Spyware King with Certified Windows Uninstaller

    Method one: Run the installation again

    If you cannot find it in the Add/Remove applet and there is no option to remove it, you can find the installation of this program and try to reinstall it. The installation program may detect it is already installed in user's system and provide an option to uninstall it. Or the reinstallation will rewrite the uninstall file of the program package.

    Method two: Go the regeditor

    1. Go to the Start menu, click Run, type in regedit and press Enter.

    2. Use Registry Editor to view the following registry key:


    3. Double click the Uninstall String registry value, select all the contents of the Value Data box and press CTRL+C to copy them.

    4. Quit Registry Editor, go to Start menu, click Run, paste the uninstall command in the box, and then click OK.

    Method three: Go to the file folder

    1. Open My Computer, and click Search on the toolbar.

    2. Enter Spyware King into the first blank and select Local Hard Drives, then click Search.

    3. When all associated files are listed, delete them all.

    4. Open your Start Menu, and then click Run.

    5.Type regedit to get into the Registry.

    6. Scroll down the plus folders to find and delete the related registry entries.

    7.Restart your computer to let the changes take place.

    Cannot uninstall it manually?

    Even if you have followed the instructions above, you may find out that you still fail to completely uninstall Spyware King. This is because if you need to entirely uninstall it, you should have to wipe out all the related program files including the registry leftovers, files extensions, obsolete uninstall entries, invalid font entries, invalid toolbars and invalid shortcuts. The sluggish Windows Add/ Remove applet may not capable to remove it all due to these remnants, even if you have tried many times.

    Why You Should Use An Uninstall Tool?

    A reliable and powerful uninstall tool will do three things below:

    1. Remove any unwanted programs.

    2. Scan your hard drives to find out any related files and delete these files.

    3. Scan your registry to find out any related files and delete these files.

    Removal guide:

    Step 1: Download Special Uninstaller, install and launch it.

    Step 2: Select Spyware King from the detected program list and click "Run Uninstaller".

    Step 3: Click "Yes" button to start uninstall it.

    Step 4: Wait for the standard uninstall process to be completed and click Delete Leftovers button to completely remove all the leftovers.

    STEP 5: Click "OK" to finish the removal.

    Remove Spyware King related Plug-in

  • STEP 1: Click "Plug-in" button from main panel.
  • STEP 2: Select it in the list and click "scan now".
  • STEP 3: Finish the removal.
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    How to Fix Spyware King Windows Error

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